Payroll Answers

Customized Payroll Solutions For Your Business

Multi- State Payroll Processing

Certified Payroll

State and Federal Payroll conflict resolution

Filing of all quarterly and annual federal and state payroll forms, including forms 940/941, state unemployment insurance, disability reporting and more.

FUTA/SUTA quarterly reports

Complete year-end W-2 and W-3 forms service and state reporting

Contractor checks and 1099 processing

Wide array of standard deductions and unlimited customized deductions

Healthcare, Cafeteria Plan, 401 (k) deductions and Garnishments

Accurate Reports with each payroll- Monthly, Quarterly, or at your request

New Hire Reporting

Workman’s Comp Audits

Electronic payment of federal and state payroll taxes

Direct Deposit

After the Fact Payroll

Tracking and accrual of Sick, Personal and Vacation time

Sales Tax Processing
You’ll be impressed by how smoothly everything runs when your payroll, tax filing and reporting needs are handled by Payroll Answers. Customer service is our main focus and our goal is to be an extension of your staff and to understand the intricate details of your business and to be available for any questions you may have.

Each payroll period you can phone, fax, or email to submit your payroll information to us. And we’ll take it from there—processing your payroll; emailing reports to you immediately upon processing; handling the transfer of funds for direct deposit, paper checks, calculating, filing and reconciling your payroll taxes.

Each payroll includes:

Cover Letter

This report shows you how much money to is needed to cover ALL your payroll expenses. Simply transfer the amount shown on this report to your payroll account and let us handle all the details.

Check Reconciliation

Reconciling your checkbook is a snap with this simple listing of all your direct deposits and checks. We can provide this every pay or monthly at your request.

Payroll Register with YTD

Our register provides you with the same payroll information included on each check stub. With both current AND YTD information at your fingertips, you will be able to field any question that an employee may have without digging through piles of previous payroll reports.

Tax Report

Our tax report details all the tax liability in your current payroll. See the breakdown of FICA, Federal and State withholding's, and unemployment insurances. If you have chosen our complete tax service, this
report simply details how we calculated your tax liability and we tackle the responsibility of paying all the government agencies on your behalf.

Input Worksheet at your request

We will include with each payroll a customized sheet that aids in your preparation of hour submission. It includes all your active employees grouped the way you want. If it is convenient, you can choose to fax payroll hours to our office anytime 24/7.